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 Yo! It's Lee aka Shizaya Heiwahara

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Shizaya Heiwahara

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PostSubject: Yo! It's Lee aka Shizaya Heiwahara   Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:35 am

 Lee here, my dear beloved ukes.  Twisted Evil

Family head, your raw provider, proofreader, dick artist, sometimes quality checker. But always, I'm your one and only seme god.  Cool

I don't wanna do jobs as troublesome as typesetting and cleaning anymore. Ah, yeah, but I can still try to clean. It might help me learn techniques in digital arts.

Things about me: graduate (don't ask my course yet), artist, sometimes writer (but haven't made a comics, a serious one, yet), I set the Manyakol Family meet ups.

Two things I dunwanna see: Any posts that has a Yaoi vs Religious Figures contents (also cusses the uses religious name, eg. JFC) and a certain name. scratch

That's all. If you wanna know more. Just faakin' reply to this post. Or stalk me on FB.
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Yo! It's Lee aka Shizaya Heiwahara
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