a newborn translating group that is made to share good mangas, manhwas and manhuas.
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 Zhai here~

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PostSubject: Zhai here~   Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:46 am

Hello there!

Zhaiel here at yar service! I'm pretty much a laid-back person even before but I do haf dreamed of making myself busy doing lots of stuffs..

I do need to push meself out of the boundaries I haf made and the comfort zone I am eternally in. So, please forgive meh if I do be active and not in some occasions. I tend to haf low "social battery" and crawls back to the cave I was once in.

Movin on, I like stories with very good plots and Yaoi gave me such. Seinen and shoujo can give me that much (though I may speak soon since I haven't much explored stories from both genres) but I only got a few that I can truly enjoy, you see. Like Fullmetal Alchemist which is my all-time fave! cheers
With Yaoi, a lot is explored- like Omegaverse and the thrill of that romance and hate coming from the community from same-sex relationships triggers my Psyche and emotions.. lol
(kinda like with "I'm in Live with my Little Sister but a bit more complex.. much moar with Yaoi Incest.. ftw!!) Razz
I don't know how much introduction I ought to do, guess I'll end it here. Should you want to message meh, I'm mostly online on my Facebook Messenger (@zhaiel77). Very Happy Very Happy

All the best to us and cheers! elephant
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Zhai here~
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